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Search Engine Ranking Strategy

In general terms, our strategy consists of five primary elements. These five elements are keyword selection, content/site development, web standards coding, local citations and inbound links. When these five elements are working together in harmony it usually equals a formula for success on the search engines.

Keyword Selection
Together with our clients we build a keyword list based upon research and experience.  Our clients will develop an initial list of words that they think their potential customers would use to find their goods or services on a search engine.  We then take that list and use research tools to find out how much traffic those keywords actually get as well as other terms that are similar.  Armed with that data and our clients experience we narrow down the keywords to target for the most relevant traffic possible.

Content / Site Development
With search engines, content is king. To do well on the search engines you must have a clear theme and use your keywords or keyword phrases in your content. Also, each page of your web site should have a minimum of 250 words of quality content about your particular topic.  Along with developing this quality content we will suggest the best site structure for presenting it.

Having fresh and updated content is also important for your search engine rankings. A great tool for this is having a blog to add new content to your website on a regular basis.

Web Standards Coding
The third element that is crucial to quality search engines rankings is your web site coding. Sites that base their coding on web standards by using CSS layouts gain a strategic advantage over sites that use a table-based layout. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allows you to separate the design and layout elements from the content.  The CSS coding is then placed on a separate page and referenced from the content page. This leaves you clean, content-filled pages that make it easy for search engines to index.

Local Citations
Having accurate local citations on review directories and other sources plays a big role in obtaining high rankings. These citations help to develop your brand identity with the search engines and in turn improve your rankings. Along with that the review directories collect reviews about your business and when those reviews are positive it can have a positive effect on your rankings and visibility on the search engines.

Inbound Links
Finally, having quality links pointing in to your site plays a big role in obtaining high rankings. The search engines measure the number and relevancy of the links that point to your web site from other sites. We will embark upon a campaign for you to collect quality links for your site. Learn more about our SEO link Building services.

By coordianting these five primary areas of focus to create harmony among them your site will gain the competitive advantage you need to climb the ranks on the search engine. None of the techniques we use fall into the spamming category, which can get your web site banned from the search engines. We adhere to a high standard of search engine optimization and avoid "black hat" techniques.


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