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Outstanding B2B Website Design Best Practices

B2B website design best practices are different from traditional web design best practices because the lead generation goal is different. B2C web design concentrates on getting a customer's attention the first time they visit a website, but B2B designers are aware that 70% of buyers do their own research before talking to a sales representative. Therefore, you need a web design team that understands the unique needs of responsive and value-added B2B website design to give customers incentive to return and seek out information directly from the source.

1. Understand Your Web Visitors

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Unlike traditional web traffic, the average B2B customer makes 12 searches before they actually head to the brand's site. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they already have a preconceived notion of the brand before they land on your site, so if it's not the one you want, you need to be prepared to change their mind. Clever B2B commerce website design recognizes that they probably won't make a purchase their first time around, and adds value-driven content that draws them to visit again.

2. Make Your Site Relevant to the Customer Journey

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With this in mind, you need to find B2B website design agencies that understand your web audience is not ready to buy when it lands on your website. Instead, they need information that fills in the blanks they are running across throughout their journey to research and ultimately decide if your B2B is going to be the right fit. Intuitive, simple, and user-friendly B2B web design is vital to fulfil their needs.

3. Use Storytelling in Web Design

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Humans are attracted to stories- it's simply human nature. Utilize B2B website design best practices to ensure that your website tells a story about your brand. Brilliant colors, brand representative fonts, vivid images, and a clear visual hierarchy are all great tools that can be utilized to enhance the story on your website.

4. Define Your Value Proposition

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Most visitors spend three to five seconds on a website before deciding to leave or stay. That means you have a max of five seconds to tell your visitors who you are, what your company does, why you are different, and how to access your service or product. Your value proposition is a small block of content (can be text, images, or a mix of both) that is meant to convey all these things to visitors quickly

5. Nurture Leads with Calls to Action

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At some point visitors will become customers, and when they do you want to make the process extremely simple. Most buyers are not going to spend time figuring out how to buy or sign up for a service. You need easy-to-spot, encouraging, and enticing calls to action on every page of your website to support sales conversions at any point during the customer's buying journey.

6. Establish Trust & Credibility

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Building trust is an issue for all online businesses, but it can be even tougher in the B2B environment. For that reason, you need to carefully plan your B2B website design to encourage trust and ensure that web browsers feel comfortable enough to stay on your website and learn more about why they should trust you.

7. Emphasize Your Products/Services

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Your product/services page is the most important page on your website outside of your home page. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a B2B website design agency with experience creating a products page that will impress and properly inform future customers about the value of the products and/or services you have for sale.

8. Use Captivating Videos & Imagery

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Content alone is not enough these days, the modern internet visitor prefers images and short video clips to break up the text. Therefore, effective and attractive B2B website design has to incorporate both videos and images and place them in high-profile locations that customers are sure to spot.

9. Focus on Speed & Security

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Speed and security can mean the difference between a high bounce rate and a high conversion rate. 80% of buyers state that at some point they accessed information about a B2B from their mobile phone. Therefore your B2B website design needs to be optimized for mobile and desktop access and needs to offer competitive speeds and tight security in both arenas.

10. Provide Engaging Resources

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Finally, you need to offer engaging resources that meet the needs of your target audience. Remember how we said the majority of your customers have already researched your company elsewhere? This is a sign that your clients want information - so give it to them in the form of blogs, case studies, reports, and white papers.

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B2B Website Design Tips

B2B website design best practices are easy to understand if you work with professionals who can guide you through the process. Always, always hire a B2B website design agency to handle your website design if you want it to be effective because some intricacies and tricks only experienced web designers can offer you. At Noble Webworks we offer full consultations that include a clear scope of work and a set timeline that matches your reasonable expectations so that everyone walks away from the table feeling represented and heard.

B2B Website Content & Marketing Tips

Website content is one integral aspect of B2B website design because content that is fully optimized and value-driven will serve two purposes. First of all, it will help your website achieve a higher search engine ranking and therefore increase your average web traffic. Second, it will deliver the information that your potential customers are searching for, inspiring them to either complete the sale or return a second time for more information as they weigh their options.

1. Blog or Resource Area on the Website

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Blogs are a great way to add frequently updated content to a website and value since they can cover everything from business FAQs to industry secrets. In addition, properly used blogs can help you boost your performance in the SERPs which will boost your web traffic numbers.

2. Email Newsletter Sign Up Forms

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The best B2B website design agencies are careful to incorporate newsletter email sign-up pop-ups or invitations around their websites. Getting a customer's email is the best way to keep your business name present in his or her life since you can pop into their inbox on a fairly regular basis. Constant reinforcement of brand name and/or services can help push a teetering customer into the conversion box.

3. Optimize Your Articles & Content

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As previously mentioned, the number one way to boost your conversion rate is by boosting your web traffic. Due to the events of the last couple of years, more people are shopping and completing purchases online than ever before. That makes now the perfect time to reevaluate your content and make sure that it is current and still provides relevant information for your customers.

4. Tracking & Analytics

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Any professional and trustworthy B2B website design company will offer monthly tracking & analytics so that you can see the effects newly optimized web design is having on your bottom line. At Noble Webworks we use the information we gain from regular analytics to reevaluate our current campaigns to decide what is working and what could use adjustment. The end result is a high-functioning website for each and every client.

5. Website Forms & Notifications

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We cannot stress enough that the average B2B customer will not purchase on their first visit to your website. Therefore, you need to have an interactive B2B website design that encourages them to return for a second or third visit. Website forms that allow you to collect their information and reach out to them are a great way to stay fresh and relevant as are notification sign-ups that offer customers the chance to stay in the loop (and double as a great marketing tool).

Qualities of an Effective Website

An effective B2B website design is more than just an optimized website. While it has to be properly optimized to attract large amounts of web traffic, it also has to hold value to those same visitors so that it engages them and prompts their return. Finally, proper B2B website design needs to have a clear call to action that makes it easy to convert sales once the customer reaches the end of his or her journey.

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Examples of the Best B2B Website Designs

There are a lot of great B2B website designs out there, but some take the B2B website design best practices to an entirely new level. Here are a few of our favorite B2B website designs at Noble Webworks.

Blake Envelopes- Not only does the vibrant and crisp web layout of Blake Envelopes get you excited about buying envelopes, but they utilize a great deal of movement and color to bring life into a product that is ordinarily deemed unimpressive. The high level of engagement gets customers excited about purchasing this everyday office supply.

Asana - Asana keeps its homepage clean and simple, a very effective strategy that is complimented by easy-to-find CTAs and interactive ensign elements that prompt customers to naturally explore the website. Animations in particular are utilized to help draw attention to their CTA on nearly every page making it clear that you are invited to try their product for free.

Acme - Acme stays true to its customer's vision and personality, by providing a simple and clean homepage and overall B2B web design. The minimalist design highlights the history of the industrial company on the homepage but interestingly becomes more complex and intricate as the visitor finds his or her way naturally through the organizational hierarchy of the site.

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What is B2B web design?

B2B web design is the process of optimizing your website to deliver high-value content and information to potential clients so that they are inspired to return and purchase your product/service.

What is the best B2B website?

While there are a handful that are notable such as Blake Envelopes, Asana, and Acme, the best B2B website is one that is fully optimized and value-driven. Balancing the line between offering customer information and collecting their personal information so you can follow up is the best way to boost conversions.

How do I create a B2B website?

Unless you happen to be a professional B2B website designer, your best bet is to allow an expert B2B website design agency like Noble Webworks to handle your website creation. We also offer free consultations if you are contemplating upgrading or relaunching your website.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C websites?

While there is a lot of minor differences between B2B and B2C websites, the major difference is that B2C websites attempt to land their sales during the first website visit, while B2B websites acknowledge it will take several visits to close a sale.

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