Client Spotlight: Advanced Acupuncture

Case Study
Advanced Acupuncture website
Dr. Rachel Toomim

Acupuncturist, Rachel Toomim with Advanced Acupuncture in Sarasota came to us with a limited budget and a website that was several years old and not mobile friendly.  She needed help in getting higher rankings on the search engine and she wanted her site to be mobile friendly for the mobile visitors that came to her site.

We put together a plan for her project with multiple stages to help fit within her budget.  The first stage was to make sure her website was setup to target the right keywords.  We worked with her to make the keyword selections and then we ran a ranking report on those keywords so that we would have a basis for comparison and a way to measure the results.  Here was our baseline report before beginning the project.

Initial ranking position chart

Then we went through the website placing the selected keywords on the appropriate pages.  That let the search engines know which keywords Advanced Acupuncture wanted to rank highly for.

In the second stage we wanted to address technical and coding issues we found in this older site and to enhance the page loading speed.  I went through and corrected the technical and coding issues first.  Then I checked the page loading speed on the site and found that it was below the acceptable limits.  I made some changes to enhance the sites speed and now it is within the acceptable limits (Green range - see below).

Google pagespeed insights score

Having the site target the correct keywords and with the technical and coding issues addressed, I then submitted the site to the search engines so they could begin evaluating the changes so we could start to benefit from the updates in the rankings.

Mobile website for Advanced Acupuncture

For stage three we wanted to address the issue of not having a mobile friendly site.  We could have created a responsive layout for the site that provides the best results on the search engines but we needed something a little more economical to fit into the budget.  So we created a separate mobile optimized site (pictured to the left) that provides a great user experience for Advanced Acupuncture's website visitors.

Once we had completed these three stages we again checked the keyword rankings for the site and you can see the improvements shown below.  We got the rankings moving in the right direction for Advanced Acupuncture and will continue to do so with future stages in our ranking plan.

Comparison keyword ranking chart

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