Client Spotlight: RecognitionArt

Case Study

RecognitionArt is a company that provides a somewhat unique product.  They create donor recognition walls for non-profit organizations to help recognize those people or businesses that help to support them.  These recognition walls also help to promote giving to the organization because it serves as a reminder to visitors that the organization is only able to continue on with contributions from it’s supporters.

Old RecognitionArt website

RecognitionArt came to us with a very outdated design & layout on their website that was making them customer challenged.  It was turning more potential customers away than it was attracting.  They were in need of a re-design for their site as well as some re-organization to make their site easier to use.

We wanted to provide them with a more modern layout that would provide them a way to feature their creative wall designs.  We also wanted to create a cleaner, more organized design to make their site more user friendly.

We started by going with an open, free-flowing layout that filled the width of the browser window.  At the top we enhanced the contrast for their logo to improve the visibility of their branding and created a call to action in the form of a button.

New RecognitionArt website

Many of their page links in the old site were dispersed throughout the content area of the page.  We re-organized their pages and created a top navigation that provides an easy way for visitors to find their way around the site no matter what page they may be on.

Next we created a slide show with photos of their best work in the large marketing area below the navigation.  It is very eye catching and also contains a call to action.

Below that we split the content area into two columns with the text content on the left and to the right we created eye catching buttons to feature two important tools that they offer to their clients.  The tools are perfect for non-profit organizations to plan their donor recognition display.

Finally, we have the footer distinguished by the background color change.  It contains their social links and contact info.

Site re-designs are one of our specialties.  We enjoy taking an older site and giving it an updated look and improve the usability for your site visitors.  Let us know if we can help you.

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