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Many of our clients want to have input on the way their custom designed or re-designed web site will look and we encourage that participation and input from our clients. We know that you are the expert on your business and you usually have a pretty good idea about what your target audience is looking for.

We encourage our clients to do a couple of basic things to help them communicate their ideas with us. The first thing to do is find web sites that contain elements that you think will help communicate clearly with your web visitors. Then take note of those sites and indicate the specific elements about the site that are appealing to you. Maybe you like a horizontal navigation bar, or a particular color scheme, or a layout that features 3 boxes with photos in each. Whatever the case may be, those notes can go a long way in indicating to a designer what you are looking for.

The second thing that will help to communicate with your web designer is to plan out your content pages. How many pages do you want on your site, what is the purpose for each page and what do you want to title the links to those pages. Your navigation plays a big role in the design of your site and if you have a clear idea of what you want it will help your designer create a layout and design that custom fit your needs and the needs of your visitors.

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