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Before we dive into the interesting and profitable world of Google My Business profile optimization, let’s start with this: we all know how popular Google has become. In fact, the term “googling” has entered the vocabulary — much to the delight of the folks at Alphabet (Google’s staggeringly wealthy parent company).

However, just because people are using Google to get everything from HVAC systems to multi-million dollar custom homes, doesn’t mean that all businesses are reaping the rewards. Actually, in the big picture, only a tiny fraction of businesses outrank their competitors on Google — and the one asset that many of them have in common is an optimized Google My Business profile.

In this article, we will explore what a Google My Business Profile is, explain why optimizing this digital asset matters now more than ever before, and then summarize our end-to-end optimization solution and process. Finally, we’ll wrap things up by answering some frequently asked questions.

What is a Google My Business Profile?

A Google My Business Profile (also referred to as Google Business Profile or sometimes just Business Profile) is a free listing that appears in the search engine results page and Google Maps, and displays core details about your business such as:

  • The products and/or services that you offer, along with associated photos, graphics, and videos.
  • Your location(s)
  • Your geographic target area (e.g., Bradenton)
  • Your website
  • Your phone number
  • Your hours of business
  • Customer reviews

Now, if this is where the story ended then it would be fair to say that an optimized Google My Business Profile is certainly a good idea, but hardly a mission-critical requirement. After all, just how important is to show up in the search results page and Google Maps, and make a powerful, positive first impression? It is ESSENTIAL! Keep reading to understand why.

The Power of Local Search

In recent years, and driven largely by the mass proliferation of smartphones, an enormous number of people are searching for — and ultimately choosing — local businesses. According to Google’s Consumer Insights Report, the volume of searches containing “near me” has increased by more than 200% over the last two years. And 56% of actions taken by customers (both B2C and B2B) on Google My Business listings are website visits.

Clearly and undoubtedly, having an optimized Google My Business Profile — which means that it is complete, accurate, compelling, and shows up high in the search engine rankings page — is flat-out mandatory! And that’s where Noble Webworks can help.

Our Google My Business Profile Optimization Solution

Noble Webworks has extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes — from small firms to large organizations — optimize their Google My Business Profile. Below is an overview of the key services that we offer:

  • Initial Benchmark Performance Report
  • Keyword Rankings Report
  • Google Business Profile Audit (see next section)
  • Google Business Profile Scorecard
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Optimizing Image and Video Uploads
  • Updating Profile Avatar and Cover

And to ensure that you “hit the ground running” and start seeing measurable results as soon as possible, we also provide one month of Google Posts and Q&As to your profile at no extra cost!

A Look at the Process

We make the process of optimizing your Google Business Profile easy, efficient and enjoyable. Here is an overview of our four-phase process:

Phase 1: Learning About Your Location

A critically important piece of the Google My Business Puzzle is not just WHAT you do, but WHERE you do it. That is why we start by getting all of the details about your business location, to ensure that your Profile is both complete and accurate.

Phase 2: Google My Business Audit

Next, we shine a bright light on your existing Google My Profile listing and scrutinize the content to see what is correct and complete, and what needs to be changed and added. The output of this phase is a detailed checklist that gives you a precise, objective understanding of the overall health and status of your Profile.

Phase 3: Customized Action Plan

Understanding what needs to change and improve is critical, but it is not the full story: you also need to know how and when the enhancements will happen. In this phase, we analyze your checklist (see phase 2) to put together a practical roadmap that includes activities and timelines. We then present the plan to you, and discuss all details and recommendations. Once you approve the plan we will move forward.

Phase 4: Implementing the Action Plan

This phase is when the “rubber hits the road” as we implement your customized action plan. Once we have finished re-inventing your Profile, we will also provide you with a checklist to confirm that everything has been done.

From this point, you can know with confidence that your Google My Business Profile is fully-optimized, and is very likely MUCH better than your competitors — which will make you feel even better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we provide some answers to frequently asked questions about our Google My Business Profile optimization solution and process:

Question: How do I optimize my Google My Business profile?

Answer: To optimize your Google My Business profile, claim and verify your profile, fill out all business information accurately, add high-quality photos, choose appropriate categories, and regularly update your information and respond to reviews.

Question: How do I get the most out of my Google Business Profile?

Answer: To get the most out of your Google Business Profile, ensure your profile is complete and accurate, use keywords, encourage and respond to reviews, add regular updates, and make use of Google’s features like Q&A, posts, and product listings.

Question: Does Google My Business increase SEO?

Answer: Yes, Google My Business can increase SEO by improving local search visibility, enhancing your business’s online presence with reviews and consistent information, and helping you appear in local search results and Google Maps.

Question: How do I rank higher on Google Business Profile?

Answer: To rank higher on Google Business Profile, ensure your profile is fully optimized with accurate and complete information, add relevant keywords, get positive reviews, regularly update your profile, and use high-quality photos.

Question: How can Google My Business boost your business growth?

Answer: Google My Business can boost your business growth by increasing visibility in local searches, attracting more customers through positive reviews, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, and enhancing your online reputation.

Question: How long does the process take from beginning to end?

Answer: Generally, it takes about a month to completely optimize a Profile. Some elements can be taken care of rapidly, such as inputting details about your business (e.g., address, location, hours, etc.). However, other elements take longer, such as choosing/creating the most effective images and videos, gathering customer reviews (if they are not already available), and so on. Be assured that we know you and your team are very busy, and we will make the process and your experience extremely efficient. We also provide you with updates every few days so you always know what we have done.

Question: When will we start seeing results?

Answer: Each business is unique, and there are specific variables that influence results. However, in our experience clients start to see results within 30 to 90 days as measured by higher search engine rankings, more website traffic, and more leads.

Question: Who handles approving content, edits, and posts — us or you?

Answer: You can choose from two options. You can manually review all content and changes, and provide our team with your approvals before content is published. Or you can elect to have us take the reigns and approve content and changes based on our many years of professional experience in this area, along with our complete understanding of established and emerging best practices (including a full awareness of what Google likes, and what they don’t!).

Question: Which options is better for us?

Answer: Naturally, we cannot answer that. However, we can say that most of our clients choose to have us approve content on their behalf, because they find it much more efficient and expedient. Plus, they realize that we have much more experience, and they are not “cutting corners” by delegating to us. On the contrary, they are enhancing quality assurance.

Question: Does it cost more to have your team approve content and changes?

Answer: No! It is a value-added service that we provide. What’s more, it is very unlikely that you have highly-experienced digital marketing and SEO specialists on your team — because if you did, then they would be handling your Google My Business Profile optimization instead of us! Our expertise is available to you, and we can’t think of a good reason why you wouldn’t want to take full advantage of this.

However, if for any reason you prefer to review content manually, then we can make that happen. Please note that this could (and typically does) make the process longer and more time consuming, which may not be appealing to you.

Question: Will you also optimize our website for SEO?

Answer: No, our Google My Business Profile optimization solution is for your Profile only — not for your website. However, we can certainly help you in this area if you wish. Please contact us for more information, or click here.

Question: What if the answer(s) I need isn’t listed here?

Answer: Simply contact us and we will gladly answer all of your questions. We do not charge for consultation, and we have a reputation for being very good communicators. We know that digital marketing and SEO is loaded with technical complexities and plenty of jargon, and we cut through all of that!

Get Started

If you are ready to get started, or if you would like more information about our Google My Business Optimization solution, then contact us today. Put the power of local search to work for your business, and get found by people who excitedly — and in some cases urgently — want to become your next long-term, highly-profitable customers!

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