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I had the treat today to attend a seminar put on by the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce on the topic of Web marketing and web site promotion. The speaker was Ray Villares, Co-founder of Gravityfree, a leading Sarasota web site design company.

He hammered home the importance of getting listed and having high rankings on key search engines and web directories. He stated that there are over 750 Million searches performed daily on the web. This is a staggering statistic in size but even with that many searches being performed your web site most likely will not be found if you aren't on the first page of a particular search.

Optimizing for search engines requires several key steps to rank highly. These are not in any particular order but are all very important.

1. Creating your site with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) web standards which includes building your pages with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This allows you to remove your design elements and code from the content of your web page and relocate them on a style sheet. The remaining content is then indexed as nearly pure content helping your web pages become more relevant to the search engines and therefore rank higher.

2. Writing substantial, relevant content for your web site. Each page that you want to rank well should contain over 300 words of text for the engines to index. This will show the engines that there is substantial content on your site and will help you rank higher. You should also plan to have an area or content that is updated on a regular basis. Search engines love to see fresh content being provided and they score you highly for it.

3. Choosing the correct keywords. You will want to select a narrow scope of keywords for each page of your site. Three seems to be a good number to limit yourself to. You will also want to select keywords or keyword phrases that will give you a realistic chance to be successful.

4. Developing quality links back to your web site. A major consideration of Google in ranking pages is the page rank (popularity score) of each page. Your page becomes popular when other people link to your pages. The more you get the higher your pagerank goes.

5. Develop your pages with a narrow theme. Each of your web site pages contains several sections or areas that, when are in harmony with your keywords or key phrases, will make your page highly relevant to the search engines. When this happens your pages will begin rising in the rankings.

Noble Webworks practices safe web site promotion and optimization techniques. We do not employ spamming measures that could get you banned from the search engines. Please contact us for a free consultation in promoting your web site. (941) 727-7018.

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