Sunshine Movers Rankings on the Move: 59 Keywords in the Top 3

Case Study

Case Study: Noble Webworks Increases Sunshine Movers’ Placement in Top 3 Google Results by 354%

“Our website was about on the fourth or fifth page of Google when I started working with Daryl at Noble Webworks. He got us to the first page for some important keywords. And now recently, we have been working so well that we are on the first page with multiple keywords, and still climbing and doing very well. Thank you Daryl, much appreciated!”

- Blake Fitzpatrick, Founder and CEO, Sunshine Movers

Client Snapshot: Sunshine Movers

Sunshine Movers specializes in residential and commercial moves, including office moves/rearranging. The company’s 5-star reviews are growing every day, driven by a commitment to customer service and an incredible legacy of employee retention. Sunshine Movers was selected as a “Best of the Best National Award Winner” for 2020, and is growing rapidly.

The Problem

For several years, Sunshine Movers has generated an extensive amount of word-of-mouth referrals from highly satisfied residential and commercial customers. However, the forward-looking company recognized that in order to continue leading the marketplace and drive growth, it was necessary to establish search engine visibility and connect with the increasing number of customers using Google to find the right moving partner. At the time, Sunshine Movers was ranking on the fourth or fifth page for some important keywords — and was not ranking at all for many others. That is when they reached out to Noble Webworks for help.

The Solution

The Noble Webworks team rapidly mobilized and performed the following Advanced SEO services for Sunshine Movers:

  • In-depth competitor analysis and research, to clearly identify how and why Sunshine Movers’ competitors were ranking for various relevant keywords.
  • Comprehensive keyword research, to identify additional opportunities to connect with high-quality, motivated customers.
  • Creating original, engaging and keyword-optimized content for Sunshine Movers’ website and blog, as well as crafting thought leadership guest posts for off-site publishing. Our team ensured that all content aligned with the latest Google-endorsed best practices and rules.  
  • Adding multiple backlinks from authoritative and credible (i.e. “high PageRank”) websites that link back to the Sunshine Movers website — which is a significant SEO factor.  

The Results

After 10 months of working with Sunshine Movers, Noble Webworks achieved the following results:

  • Increased Sunshine Movers’ placement in the top 3 spots on Google from 13 keywords to 59 keywords — an improvement of 354%
  • Increased the amount of organic traffic on the Sunshine Movers’ website from 391/month to 871/month — an increase of 122%
  • Helped Sunshine Movers set new sales records every month since we started working with them.

We continue to work closely with the Sunshine Movers, led by the company’s Founder and President Blake Fitzpatrick. Part of our ongoing commitment is to provide Blake and his management team with monthly reports that clearly, accurately and objectively highlight performance and progress. Unlike many other digital marketing agencies that are reluctant to provide proof of measurable outcomes, at Noble Webworks we welcome the opportunity — because we are all about results and client success!

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