Your Domain Name - Part I

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Your domain name is a valuable asset to your company not only as your address on the internet but also as a search engine booster for the words contained in the name. However this article is not intended as a discussion on how to select a domain name but rather where and how to purchase your domain name.

Where to Purchase Your Domain

There are many domain registrars out there and they range from discount registrars like Godaddy who charges around $7 per year to premium registrars who charge about $30 per year. You can select any registrar you would like when you work with Noble Webworks but we do have a recommendation for you. We have found that offers a moderately priced $15 per year registration fee and has a terrific control panel management system. They also offer great support and won't hold you captive if you ever decide to transfer your domain somewhere else.

How to Purchase Your Domain

Just go to and you can create a free account. After you create the account, they offer a domain name search feature that will tell you which names are available and which ones are taken. Once you find an available name you like, you will need a credit card to purchase the domain name. Once you purchase the domain you would just provide us with your login info and we can point the name to the appropriate server if you are working and/or hosting with us.

In part II we will plan to discuss registration periods and the renewal process.

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